Scalp Micropigmentation is a cutting-edge hair loss remedy commonly known as SMP hair. This treatment involves tattooing tiny dots of pigment onto the scalp, meticulously recreating the appearance of natural hair follicles. This method is not to be confused with conventional tattoos; it’s a specialized procedure specifically designed for the scalp.

In the world of hair loss treatments, SMP has received various colloquial names such as hair tattoo, hairline tattoo, and scalp tattoo. Despite the terminologies, it’s crucial to understand that scalp micropigmentation is markedly different from your regular tattoos. While traditional tattoos penetrate deeper layers of the skin, SMP deposits pigments on the upper dermal layers, ensuring the pigment retains its true colour over time. The beauty of this process is in its precision: the pigment’s colour is carefully matched to the individual’s natural hair, ensuring an authentic look. Even as your hair undergoes natural changes, like graying, SMP can be retouched to blend with those changes seamlessly.

The Universality of the SMP Treatment

SMP hair stands out as a versatile solution catering to both genders. Men and women experiencing varying degrees of hair loss can turn to this treatment for a renewed sense of confidence. Beyond cosmetic applications, SMP serves medical purposes as well. It effectively masks scars, burns, and birthmarks and addresses the diverse range of alopecia hair loss issues.

The broader perspective on hair loss solutions reveals many options, from hair systems and transplant surgeries to various hair growth serums. But SMP distinguishes itself as a game-changer. With this method, individuals can rediscover life without the burdens of hair loss—no scarring, minimal maintenance, no unpleasant side effects, and without hefty recurring expenses.

Historical Roots and Global Recognition

The innovative SMP scalp pigmentation technique was pioneered by Ian Watson over two decades ago at HIS Hair Clinic in the United Kingdom. The clinic’s reputation in scalp micropigmentation has since soared, earning it accolades as the global gold standard. It’s not just about pioneering; HIS Hair Clinic has dedicated years to refining and optimizing its SMP techniques. The result? A groundbreaking non-surgical solution is offering relief to hair loss sufferers worldwide.

The SMP procedure replicates the appearance of individual micro hairs, recreating a buzzed hair look favoured by contemporary men. For women facing diffuse hair loss, SMP restores an impression of fullness and density.

Dedication to Excellence and Specialization

HIS Hair Clinic underscores specialization in an age where many claim expertise in many fields. While some tattoo artists and hair restoration companies might offer SMP-like services, they often need more rigorous training and a singular focus that HIS Hair Clinic prides itself on.

Regardless of their global location, every staff member undergoes rigorous training, ensuring uniform excellence. This training and artistic flair ensure that each client receives the best treatment possible. It’s not just about the technical procedure but also about handling clients with the utmost discretion, which is especially vital for their high-profile clientele.

For Canadians seeking this transformative treatment, Hairtattoo.ca is a trusted destination. Founded on principles set by Ian Watson, they offer SMP treatments across four locations: Mississauga, Toronto, Richmond Hill, and Brampton. Each clinic, far from being just another salon or tattoo studio, is a dedicated sanctuary manned by hair loss experts.

The Science and Art Behind SMP

An SMP treatment session is an intricate dance of science and art. Tailored pigments are deposited into the scalp’s dermal layer, and the magic lies in the details— the angles, depth, pigment shades, and deposit sizes are meticulously calibrated to craft a stunningly realistic illusion of hair follicles.




Unparalleled Realism – The 3D Effect: Mastering the SMP technique took time. HIS Hair Clinic’s protocol involves at least three individual sessions, allowing them to perfect the desired 3D effect. The result is breathtakingly real.

Immediate Transformation, Minimal Downtime: The transformation is evident from the moment the first session concludes. Subsequent appointments are spaced out appropriately, allowing clients to resume their everyday activities easily.

Longevity and Permanence: SMP is a lasting solution. Post the initial sessions, most clients won’t need touch-ups for 8-15 years. However, those frequently exposed to sunlight might need earlier touch-ups, especially if they don’t use sunscreen.

Financial Viability: Continuous hair loss treatments can become a significant expense over time. SMP, in comparison, is a one-time investment that offers more extended relief at a fraction of the cost of methods like hair transplant surgeries.

Restored Confidence: SMP’s emotional and psychological impact cannot be understated. Thousands have reclaimed their confidence, thanks to the illusion of hair it offers. Where past solutions were temporary or potentially scar-inducing, SMP stands out as a genuine, effective alternative.

Considering the transformative potential of SMP Scalp Micropigmentation? Taking that first step is vital. Reach out and get your queries addressed. Let experts guide you on this journey to reclaiming your hair and your confidence.




What is SMP hair – scalp micropigmentation?

SMP hair–scalp micropigmentation is a method for addressing hair loss where pigment dots are inscribed onto the scalp to mimic actual hair follicles.

How does SMP differ from a regular tattoo?

Unlike regular tattoos, scalp micropigmentation doesn’t penetrate the skin as deeply. The pigment retains its colour, ensuring it doesn’t change over time.

Is SMP suitable for both men and women?

Yes, SMP hair was developed as a cosmetic and medical procedure for both men and women to address various hair loss types, conceal scars, burns, and birthmarks, and address all alopecia hair loss forms.

Who is the pioneer of the SMP procedure?

The procedure was developed over 20 years ago by Ian Watson of HIS Hair Clinic, an internationally recognized institution in the United Kingdom.

What are some key benefits of scalp micropigmentation?

SMP offers realistic 3D effects and immediate results; it’s non-invasive, permanent, cost-effective, and has been known to boost confidence in recipients significantly.

How many sessions are typically required for SMP?

HIS Hair Clinic’s SMP technique typically involves at least three individual sessions to achieve the desired 3D effect.

How long does an SMP treatment last?

After your second or third session, you generally won’t require another touch-up for 8-15 years, although frequent sun exposure without sunscreen may necessitate earlier touch-ups.

Are all SMP treatments the same across different providers?

While some tattoo artists and hair restoration companies claim to offer similar services, not all specialize in this hair loss solution. HIS Hair Clinic staff are professionally trained in advanced Scalp Micropigmentation techniques.

How can Canadians receive SMP treatments?

In Canada, Hairtattoo.ca’s technicians have undergone training and certification from Ian Watson to administer SMP procedures. They have locations in Mississauga, Toronto, Richmond Hill, and Brampton.

How can I book a consultation or session for SMP in Canada?

You can book a free hair loss or SMP consultation by visiting hairtattoo.ca or calling 647-492-9093. The main treatment centers are located in Richmond Hill and Toronto, Ontario.

To book a free hair loss or SMP consultation, please visit hairtattoo.ca or call 647-492-9093.  Our two main treatment centres are located at 8763 Bayview Ave #5, Richmond Hill, Ontario, and 600 Sherbourne St #605, Toronto, Ontario.

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