Micropigmentation Hair and Scalp Micropigmentation Cost

Scalp Micropigmentation Cost

Scalp micropigmentation cost varies from country to country, city to city, and clinic to clinic. Our scalp micropigmentation Toronto cost is competitively priced. In the Toronto GTA, the average cost of a full scalp micropigmentation at a REPUTABLE SMP CLINIC ranges between $3,000 – $5,000 for 3 to 4 sessions.

Why we say “reputable” is because scalp micropigmentation is not a regulated industry. So any novice, amateur, beauty salon, tattoo shop, barber, etc. can get into the industry, claim to be the best, and charge discounted prices.

But please check out our SMP regret page, and you will know why coming to a reputable scalp micropigmentation clinic that SPECIALIZES in SMP, and have years of experience doing it is very important.  It is your scalp at stake, so taking the discounted route is not recommended.  Would you go to the cheapest surgeon to do your hair transplant? So do your homework before doing this treatment.

Micropigmentation hair is a good investment if you consider using hair loss treatments and products for the rest of your life (such as PRP and Rogaine, which will end up costing tens of thousand of dollars). A hair transplant will typically cost around $15,000 – $20,000 in the Toronto GTA.

At our Hair Tattoo Clinic, cost is determined by the amount of scalp micropigmentation required on your scalp (based on the Hamilton-Norwood Scale), and the number of sessions.  For our clients we do 3 sessions with a free 4th session if required.

We also do many FUE and FUT cosmetic camouflage to cover hair transplant scars. The price for those will be less as well, again, based on the amount of coverage required.

We accept most payment methods (cash, Etransfer, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, PayPal ) and can arrange for monthly financing as well.

In order to get an accurate price for your scalp micropigmentation, and to answer any questions or concerns you may have, we welcome you to come in for a FREE NO OBLIGATION in-clinic consultation at one of our 4 clinics in the GTA – Toronto, Richmond Hill, Mississauga, and Ajax.

If an in-clinic consultation is not possible, we can arrange for you to send us photos by email/text, or do a Facetime/WhatsApp online call.

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What is Scalp Micropigmentation Hair?

Scalp Micropigmentation Hair is a procedure called SMP or Scalp Micropigmentation. Micropigmentation hair was developed by Ian Watson of His Hair Clinic UK 20 years ago. Ian lost his hair suddenly and was looking for the best hair loss solution back then.

Unfortunately he didn’t find what he was looking for so he developed a procedure using micropigmentation hair. Micropigmentation hair uses specialized tattoo machine with ultra fine needles and specialty ink pigment to replicate the look of real hair follicles.

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Does Micropigmentation Hair Look Real?

3D Effect – Realistic Results

Yes, even up close, micropigmentation hair looks like real hair follicles. That is the beauty of this treatment and the reason why it has gone global, because it looks real! Of course the realism of micropigmentation hair will be determined by the SMP artist you choose. If you chose the right SMP artist, you will be forever happy with the results of your micropigmentation hair. But if you go with an inexperienced SMP artist or one that never improved on their skills, then you may have scalp micropigmentation regret.

Current Micropigmentation Hair Special

We currently have a special to offset your scalp micropigmentation cost. For a limited time, we are offering the 4th session FREE of charge. We perform 3 micropigmentation hair treatments over a 3 week period. Sometimes a 4th session is required for a final touchup which is free of charge with the current special.

Boost Your Confidence

We have seen the transformation scalp micropigmentation hair has done for the thousands our clients over the years. There is nothing better to boost a man’s and women’s confidence when they have a new look of the illusion of hair on their scalp. Micropigmentation hair is a great investment to boost your confidence and solution to hair loss.

Years of Experience in Micropigmentation Hair

At Hairtattoo.ca, all our SMP artists have years of experience and training in micropigmentation hair. The owner of hairtattoo.ca was trained by Ian Watson himself in the UK and have gained valuable knowledge and experience to perform hundreds of satisfied clients in the Toronto GTA over the years. In fact, we have close to a 100% client satisfaction rate which is very special for this industry. So done right, micropigmentation hair will give you the right look that will look perfectly natural even at close up range.

Scalp Micropigmentation Cost

Compared to other hair loss therapies, scalp micropigmentation cost is reasonable and an affordable alternative to hair transplant that normally starts at $10,000 and up. If you also compare a lifetime of daily hair loss regiments like lotions, specialized shampoos, and medications for hair loss, then SMP really is an affordable solution to hair loss. At Hairtattoo.ca our pricing is based on the amount of coverage needed. So each persons requirements are different, so the price also varies as well. So if you are wondering what scalp micropigmentation cost is, it will depend on how much cover is required. We’ll be happy to give you a FREE consultation to discuss the treatment and pricing specifically for you.

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Before and After Scalp Micropigmentation Hair

As you can see from the before and after scalp micropigmentation hair treatments, the results look amazing and all the clients are very happy with the results. So please check out our before and after scalp micropigmentation hair loss treatment and ask any questions you may have regarding this amazing micropigmentation hair treatment.