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We’ll Come to Your Home to Do Your Scalp Micropigmentation

We have 4 physical SMP clinic locations that you can go to: Toronto, Richmond Hill, Mississauga, and Ajax.  However, you may still wish for one of our SMP artists to come to your location to do your Scalp Micropigmentation.

Welcome to SMP Scalp Micropigmentation Home Service

Are you looking to have scalp micropigmentation done but don’t have the ability to come to one of our clinics?  We have a solution!  We offer you Scalp Micropigmentation Home Service where one of our SMP artists will come to your home to do the SMP procedure.

SMP Home Services offers people who don’t have the ability to come to one of our clinics in the Toronto GTA.  These could be people with disabilities that can’t easily have access to transportation, or busy people who don’t want to commute too far from home.

Our professional SMP artists are fully trained in the scalp micropigmentation procedure. The procedure done at your home will be identical to the one done at our clinics.  Each technician will bring their own equipment to do the procedure, which includes the SMP machine, inks, portable chair, portable lighting, supplies etc.


Our SMP artists can go as far west as London, Ontario, as far south as Niagara Falls, Ontario, as far north as Barrie, Ontario, and as far east as Kingston, Ontario.


Our SMP pricing is the same as if you came to our clinic.  This will be predetermined by you and our technician over a Zoom / facetime call.

The transportation cost will be determined by how far we need to go and how many sessions we need to do. 

Since most of our SMP treatments takes 3 to 4 sessions, the price of the travel will be based on this.  So going as far as Barrie, Niagara Falls, London, and Kingston, the additional travel fee will vary

Barrie (travel time approx. 1 hour)
Niagara Falls (travel time approx.. 1 hour)
London (travel time approx. 2 hours)
Kingston (travel time approx. 3 hours)

Our travel fee is based on $50/hour so if you live in Barrie, the additional travel fee will be $50 x 2 (there and back) x 3 sessions = $300.  If 4 sessions are required, then it would be $400.  This $400 will be added to the cost of the SMP procedure to determine the total cost.

If you live in the Toronto GTA and would still prefer one of our technicians to come to your home, our min travel charge is $30 per trip. So $30 x 2 (back and forth) x 3 or 4 sessions = $180 (3 sessions) or $240 (4 sessions).  Future sessions will be based on these calculations.


Naveed or Jenny:  WEST AND SOUTHWEST – Brampton, Mississauga, London, Cambridge, Kitchener-Waterloo, Niagara Falls.

Neda or Jenny: NORTH – Richmond Hill, Aurora, New Market, Markham, Barrie.

Zu: EAST – Ajax, Pickering, Oshawa, Belleville, Kingston.



Once you have discussed the price of the SMP procedure and the travel costs, we will book the first session with you. A $200 deposit is required prior to the first session.  This can be paid by PayPal/Credit Card/ETransfer. 

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