Scalp Micropigmentation Regrets and Removal

You’ve probably heard of scalp micropigmentation before and are curious if there are any potential side effects or regrets. If we’re being sincere, scalp micropigmentation has a lot of advantages, and there aren’t many people who regret having it done. However, regrets are possible, especially if you’re dissatisfied with the procedure done by a sub-par SMP practitioner. We’ll look at what SMP is, and some people’s scalp micropigmentation regrets.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

The best candidates for Scalp Micropigmentation are those who are balding, have thinning hair on their scalp, or have a receding hairline. It is a non-invasive hair replacement procedure. Its goal is to simulate natural hair by employing technology to recreate hair follicles. This hair loss treatment is ideal for someone who wants a quick fix without making numerous costly visits to a surgeon. It is efficient, economical, and simple to maintain.

scalp micropigmentation regrets Toronto
scalp micropigmentation regrets Toronto

Reasons why people experience scalp micropigmentation regrets

Although scalp micropigmentation often gives people more energy, pleasure, and confidence, it can also have the opposite effect on some people. Unsatisfactory scalp micropigmentation can make you feel more insecure, annoyed, and disappointed with the results. Here are some Scalp micropigmentation regrets and how to avoid them.

1. Lack of technical ability: If an unskilled or sub-par SMP practitioner carries out your scalp micropigmentation, the outcome could be poor and unsatisfying. Lack of training affects the quality of the work produced and you may end up getting a blotched job.

Do your homework on the treatment facility and find out about the experiences of their current clientele to prevent having your scalp micropigmentation performed by a subpar “specialist” and having scalp micropigmentation regrets.

 2. Large spots or pigment migration on the scalp: Two circumstances lead to this:

A big dot may form if a technician uses excessive pressure when applying the pigment to the scalp because the ink may move with the blood. This is called a blowout. 

If the technician uses the wrong inks, large dots could start to show up after a few weeks. Because tattoo inks and SMP inks differ, you must ensure the technician uses the appropriate ink.

3. Unwise choice of colour/tone: To guarantee that the inks match the hue of your skin, technicians use various inks. This is done so they can present the most natural appearance possible. An experienced artist will take their time to select the ideal pigmentation ink for you. 

The hues of the pigment are chosen to complement your skin tone and hair colour. If you’d like, you can request to see the shade chart. You can look at or request examples from your technician and inquire about their opinions on the colour of your scalp’s pigmentation. Confirm that the artist uses ink explicitly designed for scalps and SMP and not regular tattoo inks.

4. A scalp infection: People who utilize non-sterilized objects for their SMP procedure run the risk of developing scalp infections. It’s crucial to get an experienced SMP expert because of this. Some persons may develop crimson spots on the scalp, bleeding patches, enlarged hair follicles and pores, dry scalp, itching, and other symptoms. Several problems frequently arise when the scalp coloring is performed incorrectly.

5. Rushed administration: To get good results with SMP, you typically need 3–4 sessions with reputable artists. This is significantly less time than other treatments. This could change because of things like scar tissue, a lighter pigment hue, or the degree of penetration. To give the tattoo a more realistic appearance, numerous sessions are necessary. On the other hand, a hastily performed procedure may result in your scalp having a drawn-on appearance, giving you the complete opposite of the appearance you were hoping for.

6. Wrong hairline or too low. An experienced SMP artist will start the first session conservatively on the hairline. Meaning they will start a little higher than what the client wants. Often the client will come back in the next session and be happy with the hairline, or want to lower it a bit, which can be done.  However, if the technician does the 1st session with a hairline that is too low or the wrong design, then scalp micropigmentation regret happens and unfortunately needs to be removed if it can’t be corrected.

scalp micropigmentation regrets and removal

Do people have scalp micropigmentation regrets?

For the majority of people, getting a scalp micropigmentation procedure is a life changing event.  The majority of people love their new look, and gives them renewed confidence with a new look of hair. 

Unfortunately for some people, scalp micropigmentation regrets kick in after just a few days after the procedure. This could be a result of disappointing outcomes from a bad SMP treatment, a scalp infection, etc.  Fortunately we have a solution for scalp micropigmentation regrets, laser tattoo removal.

Can people detect scalp micropigmentation?

It will be evident if the thinning area of your scalp is micropigmented and the other sides are left long; It will appear strange and unbalanced. Additionally, if a technician with little competence performs the procedure, the results may be subpar, and people may be able to tell it was done on the scalp.  If your SMP looks unnatural, then we should be able to help you. First we will see if the scalp micropigmentation can be fixed without removal. We can often do SMP corrections by adding additional dots. But if removal is the only option, then we can handle this as well.


Scalp Micropigmentation Laser Removal

SMP Laser Tattoo Removal

With scalp micropigmentation regrets comes SMP removal.  At Hair Tattoo Clinic / Tattoo Removal Clinic, we use the Gold Standard PicoSure laser tattoo removal to remove your SMP.  

Some clients choose to remove their entire scalp micropigmentation and redo it again.  Some clients may want to change their hairline. Some clients may want to just remove a few dots that are too big or too dark.   

We can handle any types of scalp micropigmentation removal using our Picosure laser.  Please use our contact form to upload a photo of the scalp micropigmentation area that you’d like removed. Our laser technician will get back to you and answer any questions you have.

If you had a blotched SMP done at another clinic and wish to redo your full scalp micropigmentation with us, we will offer the scalp micropigmentation removal treatment FREE OF CHARGE.*

*payment of scalp micropigmentation procedure needs to be paid prior to the free SMP removal treatment.

To learn more about laser tattoo removal please visit our Tattoo Regret site HERE

scalp micropigmentation regrets and smp removal

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