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For both men and women with alopecia—or hair loss—micropigmentation is a well-liked cosmetic surgery. It is most frequently used to make eyebrows, eyes, or other features look better shaped. It can also be used for Improved definition of the lips. 

The cutting-edge technique for putting hypoallergenic mineral pigments into the skin’s dermal layer is also called permanent makeup. For example, enhancing the form of the lips, eyes, or eyebrows is possible using a pigment and an incredibly thin needle.

Cosmetic tattooing or permanent makeup are other names for this procedure. But unlike tattoo inks, pigments used in permanent cosmetics penetrate the skin’s surface less deeply and are made of different materials. Moreover, the equipment is more advanced than tattoo equipment, and various techniques are employed.

Regardless of the skin type, this treatment can be natural, gentle, or intense. With 20 different needle shapes available, the treatment is carried out using a sophisticated computerized instrument. Effective skin penetration by the pigment increases the pigment’s durability.

Crisp, natural hair strokes can produce astounding results using specialized needle formations. The idea that only microblading can create a natural-looking outcome is untrue. Some benefits include:

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scalp micropigmentation

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Also known as permanent makeup, the procedure enables you to enhance the inherent beauty of both men and women by subtly giving features, shape and definition. As a result, it can increase self-confidence and lead to a more active lifestyle, increased personal freedom, and significant time savings while applying cosmetics. Also, the treatments offer a gorgeous, smudge-free look that will endure for years. It is also ideal for those with allergies to conventional cosmetics, those who wear contact lenses and have sensitive eyes, those who wear spectacles, and athletes.

Some patients might need more than one therapy to get the desired result. Ensure you know the precise number of treatments required for the desired process. You could also need subsequent procedures to keep the appearance as the pigment ages and fades.

Several cases of tattoo ink pigments affecting the accuracy of an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan have been reported. Also, some individuals with head MRIs experienced swelling or burning in the region around the tattoos on their faces.

Permanent makeup is frequently be done in a professional setting. The process is carried out using a tattoo gun or pen-like device. An iron oxide pigment is injected once the needle pierces the dermis, the middle layer of your skin, by a few millimetres. Medical gloves will be worn by your cosmetic surgeon or plastic surgeon throughout the process.

Most operations take 30 minutes to several hours to complete (from preparation to the end of the procedure; time depends on procedure complexity). The doctor will give you an antiseptic to clean the treated area after the surgery. You can also be given an ointment to smooth the wound and aid healing. A bandage may occasionally cover the region for many hours following the treatment.

With the following techniques, these procedures guarantee that you always look your best:

  • Eyeliners
  • Designer, smudgy and dual-colour eyeliners
  • Lip liner
  • Eyebrow hair stroke
  • Eyebrow shading
  • Lash liners
  • Glossy lips
  • Eyebrows
  • Full lips
  • Soft full lips with contrasting lipline

Scalp micropigmentation , often called SMP or a hair tattoo, is a cosmetic procedure that can be used as a hair loss solution for men and women suffering from various forms of hair loss, including pattern baldness and thinning hair. This treatment involves the use of tattoo ink to create tiny dots on the scalp that mimic the natural hair follicle. 

SMP creates the illusion of a buzz cut, giving the appearance of a full head of hair. Unlike hair transplantation, SMP is a non-invasive and permanent makeup solution. Pain tolerance varies among individuals, and steam rooms should be avoided for a week following the procedure to ensure the best results. 

Permanent makeup is a viable option for those who do not want to undergo hair transplant surgery and is a cost-effective and natural-looking hair loss treatment.