History of Scalp Micropigmentation

Ian Watson, Co-Founder and Director of HIS Hair Clinic, United Kingdom, suffered from alopecia due to the stress of losing his brother to cancer. After researching all the hair loss options, he concluded none suited him.

His Hair Clinic Toronto

His Hair Clinic Toronto ON

Following several years of intensive research and honing the technique alongside some of the world’s most respected hair loss experts and micro pigmentation practitioners in Harley Street, London and Melbourne, Australia, SMP® was established.

HIS Hair Clinic UK Opens

Ian quickly realized that Scalp Micropigmentation procedures could dramatically change the lives of hair loss sufferers worldwide and set out to develop HIS Hair Clinic as a hair clinic with his sister-in-law and business partner Ranbir; the rest, they say is HIStory. 

Today internationally renowned HIS Hair Clinic is known as the originator of SMP Scalp Micropigmentation and is regarded as the best in the world. Ian was subject to the world’s first SMP® treatment; therefore, as an ambassador for the technique, the results are there for all to see. 

Since then, the technique has been tested and refined to prove the treatment is entirely adequate since regular tattooing inks applied using traditional methods tend to change colour and migrate under the dermal layer of the skin over some time.

This critical knowledge based on undergoing scalp pigmentation treatment allows HIS Hair Clinic to understand the long-term effects on the scalp. 

The technical experience of HIS Hair Clinic is crucial. It relates to preserving the best results and successfully overcoming the potential risk of colour change and migration underneath the epidermal layer of the skin.

While some tattoo artists, hair restoration companies, and permanent make-up practitioners claim to offer a similar service, they have not focused their effort and skill on this specialist hair loss solution.

All HIS Hair Clinic staff worldwide are professionally trained and qualified to the same exceptional standards, able to perform highly advanced, specialist Scalp Micropigmentation techniques. 

Each of our practitioners is trained to act with discretion and total professionalism to benefit all our clients, including VIPs.

Each practitioner has completed our intensive training program at one of our Training Academies and has proven their competence, artistic talent and consistency in the most demanding and diverse situations.

HIS Hair Clinic clients can rest assured that only the most competent, knowledgeable individuals perform our treatments.

The popularity of Scalp Micropigmentation Expands Globally

Today we have more SMP hair clinics worldwide than any of our competitors. We are therefore in the best position to offer an efficient and effective local service. 

Each clinic treats a significant (and growing) number of clients every week, therefore accelerating the rate at which we can develop our technique even further.

HIS Hair Clinic Toronto –

Ian Watson has personally trained and certified HIS Hair Clinic Toronto ( technicians. As a result, the same treatment that made HIS Hair Clinic an internationally renowned SMP clinic is now available in the Toronto GTA area. 

Are you thinking about SMP® Scalp Micropigmentation as a potential solution for your hair loss? Why not give us a call at 647-492-9093 or visit us at Consultation is free, and monthly payment plans are available.

We have four SMP clinics. The central His Hair Clinic Toronto clinics are at 600 Sherbourne St #605, Toronto and 9140 Leslie St #301, Richmond Hill.

We are fully aware and extremely sensitive to the needs of all hair loss sufferers, and our clinics are designed to provide a private, friendly environment. Our advice, treatment and service are confidential and dedicated to you. 

With HIS Hair Clinic Toronto, you will be provided with a high-quality, clinically proven hair loss treatment and exceptional levels of client care.

To book a free consultation with our SMP hair clinic technician, please visit or call 647-492-9093.